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What does Custom made and Couture mean? What is the difference to any other store?

Couture means high fashion and is based on the french expression for "handmade". Especially in the fashion industry, Couture is an expression for handmade (bespoke) clothing, where the pattern is handmade and the sewing process in handmade also. Handmade means using sewing machine tools by one dedicated seamstress or our designer herself, and where necessary dedicated stiched by hand. Every single piece is an Atelier piece and is individually in fabric, size and production. Our Clothes do have a "life" , as the emotions and dedication during the crafting process is making your cloth truely unique. 

When ordering a suit or shirts or lingerie , which you intend to reorder again, we will have a copy of your pattern dedicated in our atelier for future orders. The pattern will have just a number combination, and cannot be linked to anyone outside our company for your complete confidentiality.

Our samples are just ideas, which can be adjusted in any size, color and combination, if necessary. The design is made by a fashion designer, and some of the samples are coming directly from one of our international Runway Shows in Uk, Paris or Overseas.

You do buy Designer Clothes, unique and extra fabricated just for YOU.

Why is your clothing so expensive?

Custom made or bespoke (bespoke is when there is a seamstress and tailor doing the pattern just as you like and need it to look best) does take more time in preparation, choice of fabric and ultimately also in service. This unique service has its price. We believe that Designer Couture should be a Trophy Luxury for your achievements and your soul. 

All this dedication has its value and price.

Why can I not simply go to my next tailor for having the same service?

While we respect our collegues and appreciate their craftmanship, we know that in the times of Onlineshopping and requirements linked to worldwide events, that our costumer need to feel safe and free to order online, while still getting an excellent individual Couture experience.

When and were possible and needed, we still try to send out our designer or representative to help you at your location to give you the best consultation necessary in person. We tend to have more location representations in different locations with time. Please ask , if there is any at your place of residence. 

The client is considered to be our King/Queen, and we want to help them to find what fits best. From a single piece for a special occasion (like your Bridal gown or Suit) to an extravagant Stage Outfit or just an One-of-a-kind piece, we are here to discuss your requirements personally.

What is your "personal assistant" service?

As a costumer with an order volum over 1500 $ US , we will assign you a personal assistant, who takes care of the whole order process - just for you.

If necessary and on orders exceeding 4000 $ US, our designer  or representative may come to your location on special request  on an extra fee to discuss your wishes directly or to take measurments and fittings for your collection pieces at any location you may need us to be. 

We also accommodate shippings to events, congresses and offices, where you need your luggage and bespoke clothing to be ready to wear as you desire it.

We can also provide styling and combination arrangement within your luggage while traveling or in your wardrobe, when home, so you can feel safe and secure with your choice of outfit. If you are interested in any of these extras, please contact our personal assistant concierge service for pricing and handling.

We know, your success  and happiness needs your full attention, let us handle your outfit. You deserve it.

What currency are the prices used on the site?
All prices are in USD.

Do you ship worldwide? We do ship internationally, and will take care of your package delivery with the ultmust care. There maybe restrictions with your country of order, if so, you will be informed at your cart, if your desired product is available for your shipping destination.

I just did my order, what happens now? And what is the shipping time?
We try our best to ship items as fast as we can. We will  estimate our preparation time  to handmanufacture your order  and will inform you shortly after your order has arrived.  Some orders (like bridal gowns or handmade suits) may require special additional fittings. Please contact our sales representative for your indiviual arrangements. We are here to help and will do our best to accommodate your request. 

The average productions time can vary from 3 weeks for small items from our lingerie department to 12 weeks for custom made suits or gowns. Each order is treated as an unique preparation process, and some of the orders may require us to hand prepare patters adjusted to your requirements. We are not a "from the rack" warehouse, but a highly individual craftmanship atelier, here to help YOU to fulfill your  very individual size requirements. 

All our products are Fashion Designer Samples. You can order them made to your measurements and desires, or you can ask our fashion designer to create something truely unique just for yourself. We are always happy to help. 

Average shipping times are 3 to 15 days depending your shipping destination, way of shipping (standard, express or rush order) and delivery company used..  Please check in with us, if you have  any specific requirements.

The delivery carrier will provide you with a tracking number. Tracking numbers will be updated 1 to 3 days after your order has been SHIPPED. 

How can I talk to you directly?

Please feel free to reach out to us any time during our business hours. Should we not be reachable directly, please leave us a message and we will contact you back as soon as possible. 

You can always reach out via email desk@akitaarigatoson.com.

We are happy to help with special requirements, size measurements or simply answering your question in regards to your order completly free and wholeheartly. We want you to have the perfect size and fit and success.

We also invite you to book one of our more detailed consultation sessions at any time you may need it for a minimal fee. The consultation can be done online via zoom, phone or if time is of essence, with text message.  In these consultations, our representatives will be here just for you and your requests in styling, size and designing your cloth.  One session is  about 45 minutes long.

Please find the booking template under the section "Precious Extras/Consultation" or you can reach out to us via email also.

I dont know what or how to order or if I can wear your dresses for my figure and size. Can you help?

If you have questions or simply do not know how our order system may work or what you exactly do may need, please drop us an email with your requests and questions. We will try to answer in due course with helpful hints and advises. If you feel, you do need more information, you can always book our styling and consultation service with our team or our designer directly. 

All your dresses look so awesome on a slim model. Do you cater Plus Size?

As we are at measurement and custom made atelier, all items can be adjusted to your individual figure and size. We pay a lot of attention to the comfort in size and pattern when we draft your piece, so you can wear them without any big hustle  if you wear a more bigger  or curvy size or if you are pregnant. Please consult with us during the ordering process, if you have any question.

We do know from experience that no body shape is the same and no figure type is perfect, but we want you to look and feel perfect and accomplished. 

Do I need special instructions on how to wear your designer clothes?

All designs will come with a note of how to treat the fabric best and how to clean and care for it best. We also will provide you with the nature of fabric and if possible, it s country of origin. We tend to use as often as possible sustainable or almost sustainable garments and high quality garments with an eye on quality. You can also chose your fabric and style and quality yourself or use one of our recommended garment distributors worldwide. We do not use polyester or not natural  based fabrics, if possible. If you wish a certain fabric, please let us know.

The garments we generally like to work with are wool, silk wool, cashmere, satin, silk, silk satin, rayon, velvet, chiffon, lace, chiffon tulle, cotton and georgette, linen and bio cotton and indish handwoven linen. We also use biological silk, if requested.Biological silk does not kill the catterpillar during the silk process.

If a design is wearable in a cetain "designer way", we will instruct you how to wear it, if necessary.

I dont like your samples, can you do my own?

Yes, absolutely. Talk to us what you may need, and we will do our best to make it happen. You may have a picture from something similar or a drawing, and we take it from there. We want your dream to become true. We may also come up with some sketches by just talking to you....

We also are able to do special requests, like extra embroideries with crystals, rhinestones or gemstones and gold foil, if requested. Special desired buttons and assecoires can be chosen from a variety of samples and price points. YOUR CREATIVITY is our highest goal.

I am not in love with my order or there has been a damage, can it be returned? What if there is an issue?

Custom made orders are very individual and therefore excluded from any return policy.

Generally, we offer a 100 % money back guarantee only,  if the product is defective or damaged. If defective or damaged,we give you 7 days to send it back to us for a full refund. You must ship it back at your own expense, once we have received the product, after we have inspected and investigated the demange and if approved, we will refund the full amount of your original purchase. In some cases we may offer you a store credit, if refund is not possible.

Please note, product must be untouched, unworn and with all original tags and in its original package. Normal wear and tear is not considered a refund reason. Before returning, please sent pics of the product damaged and get in touch with our costumer service for requesting a return ticket. We cannot accept returns, which were send to the shipping adress, WITHOUT our prior approval ticket. Please Include  a name and order number on the returned parcels.

If you use our Private Assistance Service, please contact your agent for a possible free return.

Custom made orders are final and have a no refund policy

We are not responsible for package damages or undelivered or wrongly delivered parcels. Please reach out to the delivery/carrier service. If in doubt, contact our costumer service or your assigned agent.

SOME PRODUCTS which are not custom made are excluded from returns and refunds. Please check  the product description and any DELIVERY NOTE about refunds and exchange policy added to the product page of your desired item.

Sales, swimwear , underwear , socks, jewelery and shoes  and handmade items and make up and wellness articles are EXCLUDED from returns and refund. We encourage  you to pay extra attention during your shopping experience. Please check our Shipping policies.

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately, once your order is placed, it cannot be cancelled.If in doubt, please contact our costumer service. We do our best, to help you.

I have entered an incorrect address what do I do now?
If you have mispelled or auto filled in an incorrect address, simply reply to your order confirmation email and reach out to us as soon as possible. Once you have double checked if the address given is wrong, kindly notify us in due course via email at office@akitaarigatoson.com. If the given address is wrong we may be able to change the address to the correct one within a day. No refund will be given after one day of incorrect submission.

We do not ship to Post Office boxes. Please use a proper mailing adress.

If you are using our Personal Assistant Councierge Service, we may accommodate shipping to any desired location.

I want my whole wardrobe be done by you. Can you do that?

Absolutely, yes. From re-ordering your custom made shirts, lingerie or dresses and suits, we are here to create your very own wardrobe requirements for every season. 

I want someting really extravagant for my stage outfit or just to be different....

No problem at all. As we are a fashion designer Atelier with Runway Experience, nothing is too extravagant and to glimmery. Just message us.

Are you gender specific?

We do custom made, that means, we cater to your specific body requirements and wishes, regardless of gender.

I have a question that wasn't answered, can you please help?

Absolutely! We are here to help you  for making your shopping experience comfortable! Please send us an email to office@akitaarigatoson.com and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.  Please dont forget to attach your order number and address the problem clearly. That helps us to identify the order in due course. 

Thank you for shopping with us.